Tabatha Mungin

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Tabatha Mungin is the CEO and founder of Touch Above Modeling School of Fashion Inc., a 501 c3 mentoring program that exposes young men and women to an array of educational experiences. This includes job readiness, dining etiquette, public speaking, volunteering, photoshoots, modeling and more.

She is the former secretary of the public speaking organization, Toastmasters and has volunteered with the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program. Among many of her achievements, 100 Women on the Move Organization awarded Tabatha the Top Model of 2016.

Ms. Mungin holds an M.S. in psychology and has an extensive background working with children. She is currently employed as a counselor and therapist for youth in crisis and behavior management.

Her business and education experiences have equipped her to implement her skills into a modeling organization that allows young people to improve their self-esteem and grow professionally. Touch Above Modeling has been in business since 2013.

Of all her many titles and accolades, being a mother of two is the most rewarding and fulfilling title she has. In her spare times she enjoys spending time with family and friends, decorating, cooking, exercising, and gardening.

"Every girl should be a model."

Tabatha E. Mungin

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About The Book: A Classy Lady Blueprint

Being a classy lady never goes out of style. Regardless of your financial socioeconomic background, you can achieve impeccable etiquette and manners.

A Classy Lady Blueprint equips little girls to become young ladies. It covers all facets of becoming a lady. The reader will become knowledgeable on how to act, speak, and carry themselves respectfully.

This book teaches girls how to fit into today's society and provides the tools to behave with class and poise daily and during formal events. This is a simple guide that emphasizes the importance of appearance, how to conduct yourself on social media, dining etiquette, cleanliness, respecting elders, the importance of being punctual and more.

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